Grrrr… Mad!

My computer was open the whole day and so was my Yahoo Messenger. I was not doing anything particular online nor did any tasks. I just left it open while I was doing the laundry (again!) and cleaning the room. I just felt that it needed to stay online. Nothing more! LOL!

Anyway, I am just totally pissed right now. We are in the brink of financial difficulty and the person that I was trying to help was more than a problem to me after all. She lost the money that I gave her to buy us dinner in exchange for a fee to help her family. She lost a small amount but I am just so pissed. I don’t have the luxury of throwing money here and there when it’s really hard to put some inside our pocket nowadays. I mean, I just don’t have the time to be careless when the money is all budgeted to reach a certain date. 😡

Alas! 😯 I maybe am suffering from the stress because of this worldwide recession. It’s affecting me terribly and is endangering our financial stability. I am more of the financial coordinator when it comes to family expenses. My husband just works and leaves everything to me. He just spends, agrees on credit and leaves the paying and the budgeting to me.

Hays! I just lost the will to continue doing some posts. Maybe I should rest for awhile, I can feel my head burning up. 🙁

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