Halloween Costumes and Memories


My previous company has no programs during Halloweens so I decided to make one for myself. Every Halloween, I always make a local contest for my branch staff. The one who will get candy votes from customers for good service will get chocolates and a cash prize from me. Of course, they are all required to work in costume!
And I am not exempted, if I let them wear it…so would I. Here is a picture of me last year (left side).Ok…now you’re laughing?? I bought late that is why that’s the only costume I got from a kid’s store. How I wished I was able to buy from They have all the pretty neat stuff on adult halloween costumes.

Imagine Christina Ricci (remember Adam’s Family) grows-up to become a beauty dark witch wearing this one:

Or imagine Paris Hilton playing the role of Goldilocks wearing this daring piece:

But since, this is my blog and dreams are for FREE, I wished I had the body to wear this lovely Pharrahh costume:
And since I don’t have it, I think I will settle for this:
Hahaha….now you’re laughing again! Seriously, they have over 8,000 masquerade costumes and accessories. They deliver worldwide via USPS. And if you’re a discount hunter like me, they have a secret HAUNTED HOUSE backdoor where you can get fabulous discounts. All you have to do is go to the homepage, scroll halfway down. At the right side, there is a gorgeous lady on which there’s a line that reads “Our Store now has over 8,000 masquerade items for you to choose from!” on her top. Click on the brown comma to get there. Wonderful isn’t it? Yay!

By the way, aside from adult Halloween costumes, they also have wide array of designs for babies, children and even teenagers. Below are my best picks for obvious reasons!

SpiderMan for Baby Boy!Belle for Big Girl!


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