Halloween Treats!!


Last Saturday, I visited my old office where I used to work with my hubby. We went there to buy my hubby a sandal and t-shirt. I was quite happy seeing old friends and I remembered how we celebrated Halloween at work before. It was always fun and exciting. We wear costumes depending on the theme either scary or fairy tale.

Last year was scary theme, so I wore a witch’s dress. My staff wore make-ups as if they were zombies, vampires, cats and the like. The great thing about wearing costumes was when we were given Halloween treats by the dealers. They gave us chocolates, candies and biscuits as a sign that they have voted for our Halloween efforts for dressing up and good service. I gave a cash prize to the person who gets the most votes or treats.Since Halloween is approaching again, I was thinking of visiting them again and bring them some treats. Maybe some sweet donuts and few bottles of Coke will boost them for the day. I am not expecting that they will wear something like before since it was my program to dress up but if the new management will order it, I am sure it would be fun as always.

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