Happy Birthday Karen Chayne!!

I am attending the First Bisdak Virtual Party in celebration of the 28th Birthday of our ka-bisdak Karen Chayne of A Young Mama’s Journey. All attendees are asked to post what dress you will wear and the food you will bring to the party.

So, for the dress, I am wearing this blue dress

And of course, I am bringing my favorite foodKINILAW!!

So to my dearest friend and ka-bisdak, advance HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

  1. Arlene
  2. Pinx
  3. vernz
  4. The Travel Diva
  5. jackie
  6. zoan
  7. Cacai M.
  8. Ayvee
  9. Bogie
  10. Tina
  11. Rcel
  12. L_i_z
  13. kayce
  14. Mona
  15. faye
  16. Shydub
  17. Shydub
  18. redamethyst
  19. shengkayful
  20. shengkayful
  21. Mommy jes
  22. zoan
  23. Corbitoness

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