Has a Personal Injury Lawyer Turned down Your Case? Here Are 7 Possible Explanations for This


Going through the process of organizing your personal injury can be stressful and emotional for everybody involved. Not only do you have to go through the courts and experience a side of the legal system you may not be used to; you have to deal with the symptoms of the personal injury itself.

However, if you’ve been going through the process correctly, you’ll have been in contact with a personal injury lawyer, but it’s becoming increasingly common for them to reject and turn down cases. Is this something you’ve done? What’s the reason?

Today, we’re going to share with you the know-how you need by exploring seven possible explanations as to why your personal injury accident attorney may have turned down your case.

#1 – It’s Your Fault

In some situations, you may have taken your case to a personal injury lawyer and shared with them the details of your experience. However, if from the lawyer’s experience, they think you’re going to be found liable and at fault for the accident, they may not take on your case.

#2 – No Doctor Witness (Time Sensitive)

It’s absolutely essential that you visit the doctor’s or an appropriate healthcare professional within 72 hours maximum after your accident. Otherwise, many legal experts and courts will agree that too much time has passed in order for you to make a viable claim.

#3 – No Injuries Sustained

Even if you’ve been in an accident, this doesn’t mean that you’ve sustained an injury and a lawyer may turn you down because they don’t believe you have a case. This is much more likely to be the case if you haven’t got a doctor’s diagnosis of your proclaimed injury.

#4 – You Didn’t Keep Up with Appointments

After your accident has taken place and you’ve been attending doctor meetings and healthcare appointments to heal yourself, as the weeks past, you might be feeling better.

However, if you stop attending these meetings because you’re feeling better, this may cause your lawyer to turn away your case as it weakens your side of the story.

#5 – The Case is Already Dealt With

You may have contacted your health care insurance provider, and they may have already dealt with the situation without your realizing, or they may be in the process of sorting it out. If this is the case, you’ll have a note on your healthcare record that will tell a lawyer to turn away your case.

#6 – Not Qualified Enough

In the event that you have a complex or specialist personal injury case, an honest lawyer may realize they’re not equipped, qualified, or experienced enough to win or partake in your case, and will turn you down because of it.

#7 – Not Worth the Lawyer’s Time

Even if your case seems like a big, life-changing event for you, a lawyer may not agree. If the firm you’ve chosen is extremely busy and they see the pay-out of your case not being worth their time, or enough to cover their costs, this can be a prime reason for them to turn away your case.


In reality, there are many reasons why a personal injury lawyer could turn away your case. To maximize the chances of it being taken, be sure to do everything you can do by the book and have a clear line of communication with your lawyers, so you know exactly what’s going on.

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