Have a Jollibee KitKat Mix-ins Today! #JollyBreak

When my friends and I went to Cebu City earlier this month, we chance upon the latest Jollibee Mix-ins. It was the first time I saw it so I asked my companions if we could try it before we head out to our itinerary which is to visit the Cebu Taoist Temple. They agreed and we lined up at the nearest Jollibee at Ayala Center Cebu.

Much to our delight, it tasted so good! Why? Because the latest Jollibee Mix-ins is made from crushed KitKat blended with caramel syrup in vanilla soft served ice cream!! It was awesomely delicious!! To be honest, I am a fan of Jollibee Mix-ins and I have several favorites since it was launched. So far, this is my second favorite next to the Jollibee Milo Mix-ins and Jollibee Pretzels Mix-ins comes third.

Anyway, if you feel stressed lately, then Jollibee KitKat Mix-ins will surely relieve you! The sweet and delectable flavor is more than enough to tickle your sweet tooth and relax you from the stress that may have surrounded you all day. So, if you’re thinking of taking a break from work or school with your friends, try visiting the nearest Jollibee branch near you. Jollibee Mix-ins with KitKat is priced at 38 pesos only.

This is a limited offer only. So grab this chance and go! Have a break, have a JolliBreak with Jollibee KitKat Mix-ins!!

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