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Have the Days of Curtains and Nurseries Gone For Good?

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Once upon a time, most nurseries in the land were masked with curtains. It was seen as the normal way to treat a window, yet over recent years this has changed. Curtains are still used for some rooms in the house, but most nurseries out there rely solely on blinds.

blindsThe above perhaps shouldn’t come as a surprise. After all, the curtain hasn’t changed for years, while the blinds industry is adapting at an alarming rate that seems to tackle all of our problems in one. As any new parent will tell you – there are plenty of these teething problems when a newborn first enters their sleeping quarters, and this is what our article is now going to focus on.

One of the first issues that your little one will encounter is bidding to get a good night’s sleep. No matter what they try, something usually wakes them and when it isn’t a rumbling tummy, it’s usually an annoying slit of light that’s peeped through the curtains. This is the main reason why these window treatments just aren’t as effective as modern blinds – they just aren’t able to protect from natural light as well. Admittedly, you might manage it on some occasions, but most of the time there will always be a small amount that creeps through the gaps and causes those dreaded, sleepless nights. Through blackout blinds, you can immediately dispel this concern.

VenetianBlindAs time goes on, it’s not all about blocking out that natural light though. Another problem that curtains bring is the fact that they just attract clumsiness. Whether it’s that pot of paint that goes flying in a tantrum, or those sticky fingers that always find their way to fabrics – curtains are usually at the receiving end.

Now, at this point we’re by no means suggesting that blinds are immune to such accidents, but the materials used to construct these devices certainly make them more appropriate. Whether you opt for vinyl, wood or PVC materials, all can be classed as easy to clean when the going gets tough. Curtains, meanwhile, have to be hauled down, washed, ironed and hung up again. For the busy mom, this process just isn’t feasible.

Another reason why blinds were almost scoffed upon at one stage was because of safety concerns. Very few curtains have to be controlled by cords – most rely on rods or no device at all. However, for a long time, blinds were manipulated purely by cords which were proven to be a strangulation risk. Now, through the development of cordless products, these days are gone. It’s possible to install a set of blinds without any security concerns whatsoever and immediately, this means that they are at least on par with a traditional set of curtains.

Some people will always prefer curtains though – or maybe even a cross between the two types of window treatments. However, few will disagree that blinds are becoming more and more popular in children’s nurseries, simply because they can be manipulated to a stage which makes life easier for the parent.

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