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Having Kids

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Looking back, my life had a lot of twists and turns. But of the things that I never regretted getting into is motherhood. I love each of my children and they are all special in my heart. Like any other mom, I desire to give them a good life and shower them with happiness and great opportunities in order to discover themselves and to grow up as people who are strong, independent, successful, but most of all God fearing.

I also like having family traditions that I can do with my children. One of them is Christmas shopping. Whereas in the United States, people traditionally start shopping on Black Friday, for us it would be shopping whenever we have the extra money for it. I like giving good gifts to my children, not as much as to spoil them as to being able to give them something new that will stimulate them to learn. That is valuable to me.

We also gather on Christmas and New Year’s even, have our own merrymaking inside the house, make noise, and greet each other. I love these fun moments with my children and these will be forever cherished in my heart.

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