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It’s been 8 months already since I lost my baby. He was taken from me last November 25. After that incident and a two weeks rest, I immediately went back to work because of my work responsibilities. Then a few weeks later, I have been catching all sorts of sickness. Most of the time, I felt tremendously weak and always fell prey to flu, coughs and colds. That also contributed to my decision to resign from work and try to get better physically.Since then, options of taking supplements came to mind. In the market, many synthetic supplements are available. They are cheap and easy on the pocket but not highly as effective. Some of my friends introduced me to herbal based products. And just lately, I came across a new health supplement called colloidal silver. Many have testified that it does not only help diminutive sicknesses but can cure hundreds of ailments and diseases.

As I did my research online, there are many kinds of colloidal silver. Other products may claim that theirs has more concentrated silver therefore its effective. But a study shows that the effectiveness of colloidal silver is not based on concentration but of particle surface area. Having a bigger particle surface area increases the reactivity of colloids in a human body. You can learn more about particle surface area here.

After reading testimonies on colloidal silver users, I have thought of trying it out. Maybe having few silver particles in my bloodstream would do me good. What do you think?

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