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I am a slender person. Even how large the amount of food I take, I don’t gain any weight or a single inch on my waistline. And because of that, I have been asked too many times what is my secret of staying slim. Since I am genetically born with it, I really don’t have any secrets to tell. It’s just a fact that I couldn’t deny that I really don’t gain any weight no matter what I do.

But I do know some secrets my friends used while I was still working! Most of them took safe diet pills which are made from all natural ingredients. Then they told me that the more natural the ingredients are, the better!

So I thought of looking for a site that offers natural and safe diet pills. Then my searches lead me to www.lab88.com. This site offers more than weight loss pills but also several health enhancers like detoxifiers, sleeping aids, teeth whiteners, immune support and more. One thing that attracted me to this site is that it’s known as the health center for the stars! Yup, as in Hollywood stars like Bette Midler and Oprah Winfrey because the products they sell online are endorsed by these people.



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Edelweiza September 12, 2008 - 4:45 pm

you are so lucky! you’re matabolism is good. very unlike mine. 🙂

MarlyMS September 12, 2008 - 7:44 pm

sosyalan naman itong health center ng mga celebrity na ito.


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