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My childhood days were not that physically strenuous because I had bronchopneumonia. I was always absent and of course not allowed to participate in sports. So, when I became a mother of asthmatic children, I tried to seek other methods of medication. I firmly believed that God has already provided solutions to our physical problems. That is the use of herbs.We sometimes fail to see that around us are already medicines ready for use. For instance, did you not know that the yellow powder in your kitchen is a processed herb? The one you used to cook chicken curry? Yes, curry powder is a processed herb that came from a perennial herb of the ginger family called turmeric. These are pale-yellow follows mostly found in India.

Curry powder or let’s just say turmeric has a scientific name called Curcuma domestica. In which, of course the name Curcumin (a commercial name for curcuma) is derived from. Curcumin is has been widely known to act as a free radical scavenger. In simple terms, it is known to have anti-ageing powers. If your cells are healthy that translate to a healthy body (free of asthma), which in turn translate to long healthy and young life!

You see, even in the kitchen (not necessarily from the garden) you can find helpful herbs already. But still be careful, if you don’t trust the source of the herb better take processed herbs that are already cleaned and capsulated. Due to our environment, it is easy for herbs to be contaminated with bacteria. I myself go for capsulated herbs for medication or prevention.


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