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Hearing Customers, Increase Profits

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Working in a direct selling business for more than three years, I have been exposed to all kinds of customers and business partners. I heard both their praises and rants. Aside from that, I have been given many suggestions on how to improve the transaction process, additional payment options, promotional programs and more. With this valuable information given to me, I took down notes and made reports and promotional suggestions to present it to the higher management in our monthly meeting at the head office.

One of those that I presented to them is utilizing a gift card program. They liked the idea of using this to increase branch sales. So after a few months, they have revived an old program and repackage it. Well of course it was launched with a different promotional title but the sales force response was tremendously great!

The other one that was not yet feasible for the company was the use of check processing machines because its not yet available here in our country. It’s similar to a point-of-sale terminal for credit cards but this time it processes transactions for checks allowing additional payment option for the buyer and risk free financial transaction for the merchant. This is all electronically processed so there are no bank calls and all.

Anyway, making ways for your customers and business partners can really make wonders for your business or company. It will earn their trust which usually results to loyalty and increase of profits!

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