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Aside from my blogs, I have bought another domain for my next niche based directory project. I have bought a domain name abruptly and even the Web Hosting services have been paid advance for three months because of excitement. Sometimes buying something without a careful thought may generally lead you to many complications. One of these complications is me not knowing how to use the control panel of my web hosting services. I have wasted valuable time on learning the ropes instead of campaigning for the directory’s public use. Though I asked the customer service support of my web hosting company, I got a poor reply. So, I decided to look for websites that might give control panel tutorials.And then just recently, I found a website that I really find it very useful for a newbie webmaster like me. WebHostingRating.com has a lot of articles pertaining to web hosting. They have many helpful articles like what to consider if you plan to buy a cheap web hosting services. And the best part is I found plenty of articles on control panel tutorials. I find there articles very useful in my present predicament. Aside from the useful articles on the website, they are have a search engine solely dedicated in finding the right web hosting services suited to particular preferences of every webmaster. Though the main site search engine has not launched yet, but I believe it would soon be of great use just like the articles and tutorials they have provided.
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