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High School Days and JS Prom

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I just had a chat with one of my long lost high school friends whom I accidentally found in one of the most popular and most visited social networking sites of this generation – the Facebook. She is used to be one of my close friends before that we always tag along in every socialization and gatherings that we attended. I can still remember during high school days when the theme of our Junior Senior (JS) Prom is Masquerade Ball. We were so excited back then those two months before the Prom; we are already in search for the mask that we’re going to use for the ball.

There were numerous mask to choose from and we find it hard to select, which one are going to wear on the ”Special Night”. Luckily, we spotted those Venetian Masks that looked so uniquely artistic that we were not able to take our eyes off. To make the long story short, my friend and I looked “stunningly” unique (I think) during the Prom and we enjoyed most of the guy’s attention, too!

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