Historical Events on My Birthday

According to the Facebook trivia-quiz I took about the historical events on my birthday, this is what I have discovered:

There are 806 PLUS ONE historical events that occurred in the same year and 10,237 historical events in the same month as your birthday. Below is a list of 15 random events on July 25th.

1979 – The Year Was Born!
1981 – Voyager 2 encounters Saturn.
1967 – Construction begins on SF MUNI METRO (Market Street subway)
1956 – Italian liner Andrea Doria sank after collided with the Stockholm
1973 – USSR launches Mars 5
1952 – Commonwealth of Puerto Rico created.
1956 – Andrea Dorea sinks off Nantucket Island after collision.
1984 – Cosmonaut Svetlana Savitskaya became 1st woman to walk in space
1729 – NC becomes royal colony.
1868 – Wyoming Territory created.
1973 – USSR launches Mars 5
1593 – France’s King Henri IV a Protestant converted to Roman Catholicism.
1961 – Maris hits home runs 37 38 39 & 40 in a double header
1909 – Louis Blriot makes 1st airplane flight across the English Channel.
1943 – Benito Mussolini was dismissed as premier of Italy during WW II
1987 – USSR launches Kosmos 1870 15-ton earth-study satellite.

I guess every birthday is special because of the many things to reminiscence. But for me, as long as my family and friends remember, I am happy with it.

Happy 30th Birthday to ME!!


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