Holidays and the Financial Crisis


In a few weeks time, Halloween will be celebrated. Then after a month and a few days, Christmas would soon come its way.
If I were a student, I would be looking forward for the holidays. No school! Just pure school break! But since I am a daughter, a wife, a mom and a friend, it seems that I am not yet ready for the holidays. It’s quite scaring me actually. I am dead broke as of the moment because of my lowered rankings thus making me unready for the gift giving season!This is my first Christmas as a stay-at-home wife and blogger. I was hoping to get some descent gifts for my love ones and friends but it seems that the times haven’t favored me lately with any green bar at any of my domained blogs.

Anyway, I already made few lists but it still depends on the budget. I was really hoping to buy my kiddos some new dresses and toys. I also thought of buying my hubby some air tools and for my parents, some small appliance; and maybe a few small cute things for my relatives and friends. But since my income is diving down dramatically as fast as possible, I doubt if I could buy something for the others. Maybe I can only give to my children.

Well, since I am still a few months away. Maybe there is a chance for additional savings but if times gets tougher maybe my loved ones and friends would understand the economic crises. Hopefully. 🙁

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  • bellybelle

    Its been up to you how you make your relatives and friends happy.
    try to make some handy crafts like a handmade cards,handmade photo albums,a scrapbook or anything that you treasure,just share what makes you happy and the little things that you have in mind.make it simple…
    simple things is the greatest gift you can give anyway….

    just remember to put your heart on the things you give to them.

    Love is the most important not the cost of the gifts you give!

    Merry Christmas in advance!

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