Holidays to Egypt

When we think of Egypt, our mind would always travel back to the Bible times. Or if not, the first thing that would come to our minds would be vast deserts and the world renowned Pyramid of Giza, which is considered as one of the world’s wonders. Mind you, deserts and historical temples are not the only sights you can enjoy when you visit Egypt. There are also gorgeous beaches, a bustling city, and a rich cultural experience you and your family could enjoy!

I would personally love to ride a camel on the desert. That would be a once-in-a lifetime experience, for sure. And of course, being a Bible reader, I would surely treasure that moment of somehow being taken back in time!

With that, I do want to search online for holidays to Egypt!

6 thoughts on “Holidays to Egypt

  1. my cousin who is also my best friend was really assertive and brave enough to travel to Egypt last May. my aunt was really worried because they could not contact her and she was really having a good time discovering Egypt. i so envy her, i wish to visit Egypt too!

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