Home Decor: Mix and Match Kitchen Designs


Because the kitchen is often the most important room in the household, it is important that it both functions well and creates positive energy. To create a unique look that will gain positive attention, it is handy to try new and bold design methods. If you need some ideas, here are different ways that you can mix and match kitchen designs.

1. Use wood finishes. 

Adding wooden finishes to kitchens is an excellent way of creating more warmth for the area. However, because wood can sometimes be harder to clean and maintain in the kitchen, there are homeowners that avoid it. 

If you want to add wood finishes to your kitchen to create a warmer and more luxurious look, here are some tips: 

  • Create a wooden border around the edges of your flooring
  • Use hardwood to create a wooden surface that is still easy to clean and maintain
  • Use wooden cabinets to store your appliances or dishes
  • Use wooden stools if you have islands 

2. Use metal finishes. 

Metal finishes are easy to clean and maintain, although they can potentially make your kitchen look less welcoming if overdone. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to mix metal finishes to create a welcoming and very modern appearance: 

  • Stainless steel and copper can be used together by using steel appliances and copper countertops.
  • Nickel hardware can be used to complement oil-rubbed bronze drawers.
  • Warm yellow brass and nickel can be combined to create a bold and warm look. 

3. Combine wood and metal finishes. 

There are plenty of ways to combine wood and metal finishes to create a beautiful and functional kitchen workspace. However, it is just crucial to use combinations that will help the flow of the room, rather than stop it dead in its tracks. By making the kitchen bright and roomy, you will create a welcoming space for everyone that enters. 

Wood and metal finishes can be combined to create beautiful designs that will leave your guests inspired. For example, you can combine walnut cabinets with brushed-nickel handles and hinges or white cabinetry with oil-rubbed bronze handles and hinges. 

4. Carefully choose your colours. 

The colours that you choose to paint or highlight your kitchen with will influence the overall feel of the room. If you want to keep up with the most popular colours used by designers and preferred by homeowners, here are some examples: 

  • Light yellow is soft enough to avoid unwanted attention but distinctive enough to complement most types of wood. 
  • Strong yellow is often used to create a more classic and traditional kitchen. 
  • Browns are considered to be very homely and earthly, and are typically better to use than neutrals. 
  • Red is a passionate colour that may not be for every kitchen. However, if you want to be bold and create lots of energy, it is an excellent choice of colour. 
  • Neutrals are used to play it safe in the kitchen. While everything will likely match, the kitchen will not necessarily hold a lot of personality. 

Checking out a kitchen website is a good place to start for ideas. By considering different mix and match kitchen design options, you can create a beautiful kitchen that will last you for years to come.

James Young is a retired chef who loves to spend his time blogging on various websites. You’ll find his articles mainly on interior design sites.

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