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I love to read. I guess my passion for writing stemmed from my love for reading. I would have to say that I’m a book reader first and a writer second. I remember reading an old novel several years ago entitled 7 ½ cents by Richard Bissell. It was about labor troubles in a pajama factory. Workers were demanding a raise of 7 ½ cents in their wages but the factory wasn’t hearing any of this and through the whole ordeal, a love story blossomed. Anyway, this novel was turned into a Broadway musical, the latest version of which was opened in 2006 with Harry Connick, Jr. in the lead.

The writer was a renowned Iowan and he used a city in Iowa as the setting for the story. The exact setting for the musical and the novel itself was the city of Cedar Rapids in Iowa and reading the novel fueled my interest about the city. Given the chance, I would love to visit the city and absorb myself in its rich culture. I heard that there are lots of cultural attractions there and I would love to those in person. I just might end up loving the city too much that soon, I would start looking for home builders cedar rapids ia and ask them to construct me a beautiful house on the prairie, if there is one in Cedar Rapids.

Oh, and lest I forget, I would love to see if there are any references within the city to the novel 7 ½ cents and maybe take a look-see if there really is a pajama factory there which could be the inspiration behind Richard Bissell’s novel. Perhaps there are streets and even landmarks there which make reference to the novel. Those landmarks will make interesting picture subjects.

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LOURDES March 29, 2012 - 6:45 pm

I also love to read. When I read I’m transported to places and circumstances that I don’t think I’ll ever encounter in real life.


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