Homeschool Year 2016-2017 Starts Today!


Today marks a very special day in our lives. Today is DAY ONE of our independent homeschool journey.

I guess everyone might probably ask why “independent” when I specifically blogged about our chosen homeschool provider? Well, I haven’t been able to enroll my kids due to financial constraints. So we decided to start our school year already. I wanted to maximize our time while waiting.

My son is Grade 7 while my daughter is Grade 1.

To guide us in our independent homeschool journey, we will be using the online homeschool curriculum from for FREE. Yes, you read it right. The curriculum can be used for FREE. They have a complete K to 12 curriculums with an additional curriculum on Pre-Kindergarten. But as for me, I upgraded to have a Parent/Teacher account wherein I can monitor the attendance and my children’s progress. To upgrade you need to pay $99 a year, but since I availed of the promo they offered, I only paid $50 a year. You only need to pay for one Parent/Teacher account for both children.

Though we started our homeschool today, we didn’t tackle any subjects yet. We only did a little orientation. I explained to them what to expect this year, how to use, and their daily schedules.

Tomorrow, we will start all the subjects. Our subjects include Reading/Literature, Language Arts (English and Filipino), Math, History/Social Studies, Science, Visual/Performing Arts, Physical Education, and Values Education (Bible). For my seventh grader, he has a HTML subject as an extra curriculum. Once enrolled with School of Tomorrow, we will continue our homeschooling using both curriculums.

Today is not only the start of our homeschool year 2016-2017 but also the start of our entire homeschool journey. We hope and pray that we will be able to do our best. God bless us all!

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