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Hoping to Write Something Helpful

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I have been thinking of writing another helpful article on many things related to WordPress and migration from Blogger to WP. But unfortunately, I find myself very lazy to do so. Why? First, my pregnancy condition makes me feel so weak and sleepy all the time. Secondly, my diarrhea is so irritating. When I am in the middle of thinking of what to write, I always find myself going inside the bathroom. Third, I don’t know where to place it. Either here or my blogging resources blog or my hosting blog, it really confuses me.

Anyway, I was thinking of posting it here. I believe I have more readers and visitors here. I believe it will get many exposures aside from my other blogs.

Well, maybe in the next few days I will be able to post one or two informative articles. I like writing tutorials since it’s the best way to help others with their blogging and online experiences. I just hope my health will improve. So help me God!

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