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When I was having my other blog’s domain setting problems, I shared it to one of my friends who knows a lot about the technical stuff when it comes to domains, webhosting and other web settings. Since he was busy with his work, he only replied that I should consider getting myself a webhosting service. It was a short advice but definitely had a great impact to me.
Anyway, I have been really thinking of self-hosting my other blogs. Besides there a lot of webhosting companies that offers great packages with great features at excellent prices! At, they have provided much helpful information on how to go about with having your own sites or blogs self hosted. They have great reviews on all top web hosting providers according to preference, budget, server and more. You can also find articles about the truth on cheap web hosting, tips on choosing a domain and the like. Not to mention, they have numerous articles relating to cPanel tutorials and others.I believe that this site is really helpful to people like me who wants to consider a self hosting service but does not have any idea how. So, if you want to be guided on things that relates to webhosting services, I suggest you visit


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