How Do You Drop Your EntreCards?

by irene mueller*
When I was doing my usual blog hopping the other day, I came across MamaFlo’s post entitled, “How do you drop your EntreCards?” So, since the questions she listed didn’t get off my mind, I decided to answer it here and right now. Here are the questions and my answers:

Has the addition of Entrecard’s Firefox toolbar changed your dropping habits?
Well, before it really didn’t change but when I came across MamaFlo’s post that there was a Beta Toolbar with the “Not Dropped On” I started using it to drop back to people who dropped at me and that I was not able dropped on.

Do you drop on Favorites or from your Inbox?
First, I drop on all the blogs who joined my Surf and Drop project, after that I use the EntreCard Toolbar to drop on my favorites and next to those who I haven’t dropped back inside my Inbox.

If you drop from your Inbox, have you requested through Entrecard that they add a “Not Dropped On” category?
I don’t actually remember that I requested or what, but I did wished that the toolbar would have one.

If you drop from your Inbox does this penalize a “friend” when they are ill or out of town because they aren’t dropping back (not in your inbox)?
I am not really aware of the penalizing thing. If there is, I should have penalized many blogs that I have dropped on – they are not dropping back. LOL!!

Do you have a certain time of the day that you drop?
Usually I drop on my favorites after 12nn and then the rest around 12am.

How many blogs do you drop for and how many do you drop for each blog?
I try to drop at least 300 for Pinay Mommy Online, but for the rest, I only try to drop on those that dropped on it.

So, that’s it. That is all my answer. Thanks Mommy Deb for sharing this! Actually, I noticed the “Not Dropped On” Category in the EntreCard Beta Toolbar from you. Kudos!

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  • MamaFlo

    The new Entrecard sidebar has changed the way I drop my ECs, makes it so much easier even since I wrote the post you are referring to.
    Gotta love EC!!!

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