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How My Heart was Broken


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This morning I received an email from P.P.P. that my blog has been approved. I was so very happy and excited to grab an opportunity and to finally start a “paid blogging!” And then I realized that I have changed my domain name already and so as the lost of all my rankings both in Google, Alexa and Izea. So, I immediately submitted a ticket to their Customer Love asking about this and later around 1:00am, I checked my email again for a reply. There it was…my new domain name can’t be used for my P.P.P. opportunity.My heart was really heart broken. It’s just I was so desperate to have those rankings and a good domain name just to have an opportunity to earn at home and then suddenly…it was all gone!

Some of you may think that I might be over reacting with all of these but to be honest, I am not. It’s scarring me actually. All of the things that has been happening to me right now is always a “taste of happiness.” Every good news I have, there’s a bad news that follows….

<> After a few days since I passed my resignation, my husbands company is closing down for rehabilitation

<> After, I lost my rankings and I lost the opportunity to earn online

So you see, I really wanted to earn from home. Stay with the kids and still earn…so that is why I really wanted to monetize my blog. Honestly monetize it not for fun but for paying bills!

Well, I still don’t regret resigning. I still love my children. If this is a test of my dreams to be with the kids…well, I take the challenge. God may have allowed these things to happen to make me a better and stronger person.

My blogger friend Jessie told me that I might get a rank after 3 months when google does it updates again. So, it’s only time that I should wait. Another friend also told me that I should not worry because my blog is popular (really??), she said she saw my blog almost everyday (product of my shamelessly advertising myself to the world!). Anyway, I couldn’t do anything with the rankings now. It will be back after 3 months to 6 months time. Maybe, I should look for alternate ways to monetize my blog until I get my rankings back.

I did have a broken heart though but God and some of my friends (some I forgot to mention or I mean too many too mention) fixed it. Thank you Lord! Thank you friends!!


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sasha January 30, 2008 - 2:01 pm

Hi Mommy Ruby! Naku don’t worry. Ganito, you can start joining BlogtoProfit. If you don’t know this yet, punta ka sa blog ko andun ang info.

You can join viral linking para tumaas agad ang Technorati mo and mag-improve ang Alexa ranking mo. You need to break free from blogger’s own Alexa rank. Tapos if you already posted at least 20 posts, join ka na ng Blogsvertise, Smorty and Sponsored Reviews. All links you can find at my site.

Don’t worry too much. Sa umpisa kasi ganyan talaga. Minsan nga sunud-sunod rejection. Pero darating din ang usd nyan 🙂

Holler if you need help 🙂

Lalaine January 30, 2008 - 8:32 pm

hi rubz, maybe it does take time..just a quick question, can’t you maintain your blospot too so you can do your PPP there instead?..i’m also thinking to monetize my blog now,,so I need to go back to your previous posts to get some tips esp. the paypal thing..can i bother you and ask some questions from time to time too?:)

janet January 31, 2008 - 3:30 am

hi ruby,

i agree with lalaine. why not use your old blogspot? I have abandoned my wordpress blog before but now it’s up and running again, for the sake of earning extra. i can’t rely on my new blogspot now coz it doesn’t have a page rank yet and it’s not even 3 months old but i still get small offers. as what sasha suggested, try smorty or sponsored review or blogsvertise. they may accept your site.

i was rejected by smorty a few times but i kept applying again and again until i was approved.

just keep on and don’t lose heart.

fatima November 6, 2008 - 6:42 am

Hi! It’s so nice to know that there are moms like me who chose to take care of the kids instead of working outside home. I have come to realized that I need to prioritize my family than any other career. I also resinged from my work a month ago ang I’m also trying to find my niche in blogging. It’s my first time and I am confused on how to start. Goodluck to all MOMS!!!!


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