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How to Choose a Pool Lift for Limited Space


Having a pool is a luxury in itself, but if you cannot use it because of access issues then installing a pool lift to take an advantage of this luxury is a good option for you. Swimming is therapeutic and of course great exercise, so having a way of getting in and out of the pool is very important.

Not everyone has a lot of space at the side of the pool and bulky pool lifts can get in the way, so in order to maximize space at the side of the pool you can opt for a slimmer design pool lift.

Manual Pool Lift
A manual chair lift will generally look like a simple crane. It will have a sturdy base, and then a strong arm that extends over the water to enable easy lowering. It can be operated by another person so that it can be manually steered, lifted and lowered. The manual pool lifts also usually come with a sling style chair which takes up very little room and can be folded away when not in use if you wish. The main thing about manual lifts is that they are cheaper than electrically controlled models so if you are looking to save money, you can buy an affordable pool lift here.

Electric Pool Lift
An electric pool lift is a little different and some of the electric pool lift styles are a lot slimmer than manual models which means that they can fit in smaller spaces and don’t take up lots of room at the side of your pool.

Electric lifts usually come with a structured seat so this will obviously take up more room than a sling seat but even this can be slim-line and easily stored. These types of seats are also made with corrosion resistant materials so that they don’t have to be replaced and can withstand weather changes as well as full submersion in the water.

Features to Choose From
Seat – The seat that comes with the pool lift may come as standard or you can buy different types separately to suit you comfort. For space saving models, buy a slim structured chair or a sling lift which can be packed away to save space when not in use.

Weight Capacity – Always look at the weight capacity on a pool lift, especially if you think you may need a heavy duty lift. Many lifts will hold up to 500 lbs but always check so that you are safely lifted and supported when using it.

Controls – Manual lifts need an extra person to operate it whereas electric chairs can be controlled by the user. It all depends on how much you want to spend – just remember that electric lifts are more expensive but are quicker and easier to operate.

Portability – Some pool lifts can be transported to other pools so always keep size and weight in mind when looking at portability so that you can be aware of the space you will need to put it on the deck at another poolside.

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