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How to Create a Resume for Doctors?

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A friend of mine is asking for my help. She has a relative who’s applying as a Nursing Aide and she needs help in creating a resume. Since I am no expert at that, I decided to look up sample formats of medical resumes for people who want a career in health care. Fortunately, I found a nursing aide medical resume.

In case you are wishing to apply for a nursing aide position, you might find this useful since I will be outlining some of the key information you must include in your resume. First things first, you need to outline your medical background, as well as other courses you might have taken related to your profession. Also include details about your internship and most important of all, your professional background since that will be the basis of you getting hired.

Of course you also need to include your personal details along with those mentioned above. I have already told my friend of what they need to include in the resume and hopefully, her relative will be able to create a comprehensive medical resume.

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joy March 2, 2011 - 11:58 am

nice find!

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