How to Follow other Blogs using your Blogger Account?

Mommy Genny commented on how to follow a blog that has no “Follow Me” Gadget. So, I opted to answer her question by making a simple tutorial on how to do this. I hope this can help. Thanks Mommy Gen for the idea!So let us start. ^_^

1. First login to your account.

2. Scroll down until you reach the Reading List. That is just below the list of your blogs.

3. Click on “Blogs I’m Following” tab and click ADD button.

4. After that, type in the URL of the blog you are following. Then click NEXT button.

5. You will then be prompted either to follow publicly or anonymously. Tick one and click FOLLOW button.

6. Once clicked, you will now see the snippets of the recent posts of the blog you followed. Then we are finished!

This also applies if you want to follow other blogs that are using other blogging platforms such as WordPress and others. The only difference is that they don’t have the “Follow Me” gadget that shows who follows them.

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