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How to Increase Access in Home

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Being able to leave and enter your home at ease is imperative and whilst relaxing in our abode is important, going about your day-to-day tasks should be made as hassle-free as possible as well.

In order to feel safe and comfortable in your own home, it is important to feel happy. From hearing aids and stairlifts to assistive furniture and bathing products, there are a number of handy mobility tools on the market today. You may only require them for a short period of time (whilst in recovery) or to be put in place indefinitely.

Regardless of whether you are recovering from an operation or you quite simply feel heavy movement to be a chore, there are a number of ways in which to make your home mobility-friendly.


One way to increase access in the home is to invest in a stairlift, brands including that of Stannah stairlifts will aid you in travelling between floors in the household. There are a number of models to choose from and the style you select will generally depend on your personal needs.

Hearing Aids 

As we get older, we may find our hearing becomes a little unclear. Thankfully there is a simple answer to this and by introducing a hearing aid you will quickly find a solution to your hearing difficulties. Hearing aids come in the shape of small, electronic devices that restore sound to the hearing impaired by amplifying it. This will allow you to hear what is going on around you, contribute to family conversations and gain the attention of others.

Assistive Chairs 

If you have various back problems or suffer from bad posture, an assistive chair may be just what the doctor ordered. They come in a range of stylish designs, which means there is certainly a style to fit in with your current décor. The chairs are fitted with an electronic device which allows them to recline and rise, helping you to get up and down with ease.


Taking a bath after a long, hard day is a welcome treat. However, if you have recently undergone back or knee surgery, you may find getting in and out of the bath to be extremely difficult. With a simple addition to your current bathroom setup, you will regain your confidence without worrying about slipping, getting stuck in the tub or being unable to alter the height of the showerhead.

There is a range of styles to choose from and many will match up to the finish of your current bathroom. The best thing about walk-in baths and easy-access showers is the fact that they are so easy to install which means you’ll have your new bathroom up-and-running in no time!

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