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How to Make Your T-Shirt Design Stand Out from the Crowd

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Wearing a t-shirt that you designed yourself can make you feel special, and whether you’re wearing it during the day or for a special occasion, you will want to ensure that you can stand out from the crowd. By following these simple steps, you easily can:

Step 1 – Choose a Shape to Suit You
Not all t-shirt designs have to be the same fit. In fact, the beauty of designing a t-shirt is that you can choose the shape that suits you the best and then get the design put on the fat for the most flattering style. Choose a size that fits you well and doesn’t cling, and if you are a woman, then look for a shapelier and more tailored fit so that you can flatter your curves without wearing a shapeless male-cut tee.

Alternatively, you might want to try tank tops, halter neck tops or other styles which can suit various types of weather and body shapes for the most flattering style possible.

Step 2 – Pick a Bright Color
One of the main things you need to do to ensure that you stand out from the crowd is to pick a bold color that you love and that you know will catch other people’s attention. If you are creating it for a special event, then try and match your color choice to the style of the occasion. For example, if you are competing in a charity run to raise money for breast cancer, you might like to pick a bold pink.

Step 3 – Use Simple Yet Bold Art
When you want to create amazingly unique tees that help you stand out, you don’t need to pick intricate and complicated art or text for your design. You can select a simple and striking design which can stand out just as much. Even a stock logo or chunky text print can be easily seen, and sometime most importantly, easily read from a distance.
Think about the color that you want to incorporate in your art as well. Remember that extra colors and photograph prints will cost more money but a simple logo on the breast pocket, the centre of the tee or at the back will really stand out even if it uses fewer colors. For example, a black t-shirt with a white simplistic design contrasts really well.

Step 4 – Create a Catchy Slogan or Name
Thinking about what the t-shirt will be used for is a vital part of ensuring you will stand out.

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