How to Manually Add a Google +1 on Your Blog?


Now that you have heard about Google +1 and how this could help your search engine rankings among your friends, family and others. Isn’t it nice to have a Google +1 widget on your blog?

So the next question is… how to manually add Google +1 on your blog or site? Well, there are many plugins right now but nothing beats the old school way of doing it right? πŸ˜€

Here are some simple instructions on how to do about it…

1. Go to Create your custom Google +1 button. Copy the code.
2. Login to your blog (WordPress or Blogger). Make a new widget on your sidebar. Paste the code. Save.
3. Tadah!! You now have a Google +1 Button on your sidebar!!

If your Google Plus One Widget is not appearing, especially in blogspot hosted blogs, you need to break the codes.

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