How to Move my Blog Followers to WordPress?

When I left blogger about 2 years ago, I left all my 400+ blog followers via Google Friend Connect. It was a sacrifice that I thought was inevitable. I thought that there is no way you could bring your GFC followers when you migrate your blogs to wordpress until of course when I discovered that it was possible early last year.

Yes! You heard me right. You can bring your Google Friend Connect followers from blogspot to self-hosted wordpress!! Now, the next question is how you go about it. So let me try to give you a simple tutorial on how to move your Blogger followers to WordPress.

1. Login to Google Friend Connect: Make sure you login using the email and password that you are also using with your account.
2. Once you are logged in, look for your blog’s name on the left side (this should be the blogspot blog), then click on it and a drop down menu will show up.
3. On the drop down menu, click “Settings.”

4. On the right side, the Settings options will be shown. Change the Home URL with the new URL of your blog and click “Save your Settings.”

5. Then click on “Gadgets.”

6. After that, you will then see Featured Gadgets. Under Members, click Get this gadget.” Then an option on how to customize your widget will appear.

7. Customize the look of your widget, then click “Generate code.” The code will appear below it. Copy the codes.

8. Now, login to your wordpress blog. On the dashboard look for Appearance and under it is “Widgets.” Click on Widgets. Drag and drop a “Text” option to the sidebar. Insert the codes and click save.

And tadah! You will now see your followers from blogger on your wordpress blog!!

  1. shydub
  2. bev
  3. avs
  4. Mona
  5. mommy jes
  6. Shydub
  7. Colleen@FortySomethingBride
  8. genny
  9. Janet
  10. Arlene
  11. OFW Resources
  12. Katherine
  13. nuts
  14. SJ @ Homemaker On A Dime
  15. heidi
  16. Heather Powers
  17. wena
  18. The Twerp and I
  19. Pinx
  20. tzmlt
  21. Heidi
  22. Mys
  23. Melanie Dorsey
  24. Jasmin
  25. Erika Brandner
  26. Kathie
  27. Nan
  28. zoan
  29. Jaimie
    • Christina

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