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How to Organise Your Child’s Bedroom

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Do you find that your children are constantly looking for their sports kit, homework, shoes or favourite toys? If so, it may be time to organise your child’s bedroom.

When it comes to de-cluttering the bedroom, you must be brutal. Deciding what to keep and what to get rid of is the key to a successful ‘clean-up’ operation. Implementing an impressive bedroom storage plan will lead to the systematic arrangement of your child’s toys, shoes and clothes.

This may seem like a long and tedious procedure, but it isn’t all hard work – your children may even be able to help. Many will even benefit from this and as such, will learn how to keep their bedrooms in tip top condition in the future.

Part of educating a responsible child requires you (as the adult) to teach them a number of life skills. These skills should include learning how to dress, where to put clean and dirty clothing and also how to treat their possessions with respect.

Improve storage

How you attack the de-cluttering process will come down to how many children you have and also the size of the space you have to work with. There are a number of clever storage options available, some a little more advanced than others.

Children’s rooms are often a little smaller than that of the other rooms in the household. This is where built-in storage comes to the rescue. Such storage options include that of under-bed boxes, shallow shelves, shoe racks and wardrobes with sliding doors.

Wardrobes with sliding doors make the most of an awkward space. They are designed to fit into a number of hard-to-reach alcoves while utilising the space beneath the bed makes more sense if the room is small.

Mobile furniture is a great tool for kids on the move. Versatile pieces, such as drawers on wheels, can be easily transported from one space or room to another, allowing you to keep the clutter organised in one place.

Filling wardrobes with a number of coloured boxes and baskets will help your child learn what goes where. Labelling each box is a good idea and as such, will provide a fail-safe storage solution.

Getting organised

The last thing to remember is to start your clean-up as early as possible. The sooner you get your kids used to arranging and organising their possessions, the easier it will be to keep things neat and tidy. Apply the same principles to all areas of their life – making them tidy toys and playthings as well as clothes – and you’ll soon notice the benefits.

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vantravelguide April 26, 2013 - 12:09 pm

i definitely agree, deciding which one to keep and which one to let go are the hardest part but this is the most beneficial part when you get to decide well.


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