How to Ping My Blog or Other Site?

Usually, when we want to know if a certain blog or website is communicating well with us, we are told to PING it. And if we want to know if we are accessing our blog in the new server after we have transferred, we are also told to PING it.

So, how do we PING our blog or other website?

Simple, to ping a site, we must got to our DOS prompt. In order to do this, you must follow the steps below (OS must be Windows):

1. Go to START menu.
2. Click RUN.
3. Type CMD and press enter.
4. DOS window will open. Then from there, type ping and press enter.
5. Once you press enter, you will see the IP address of the site and the status of your communication to this site.

Now, that you know how to ping a site, try pinging your site now!

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4 thoughts on “How to Ping My Blog or Other Site?

  1. Thanks for the tutorialmarz, I wanted to try it but akong bana dili pahilabut sa puter waaa.

    Pero na S kosa imung recent comments nga naay flag. asa ta kakita an nga plug in.

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