How to Plan Your Staycation in the Metro


Staycations have become a trend recently, due to the number of people looking to squeeze a quick getaway into their busy schedules. Staycations are great for those looking to enjoy whatever utilities a hotel has to offer and to do a little exploring within the vicinity of the hotel. A staycation also has the added benefit of enjoying a vacation with little planning; essentially, you’ll just be lazing about in style: a perfect way to spend some quality time with your family.

If you have any plans of going on a staycation in the Metro any time soon, then here are a few ideas:

1. Choose the Right Hotel

Finding the right hotel is crucial for setting the tone of your staycation. This determines how far away you are from home, how close you would be to nearby establishments such as malls, restaurants, and even tourist spots, and figuring out if it will work with your budget. Hotels like Pinoy Pamilya Hotel in Pasay offer are the perfect fit for families who want to make the most out of their vacation. Explore nearby attractions, such as museums and parks on Roxas Boulevard and the entertainment and shopping hub Mall of Asia, then avoid the rush back home by staying at a budget-friendly hotel.

2. Set Your Budget

First off, figure out how much it is that you’re willing to shell out and spend. It helps to plan in advance so you can set aside specific expenses. You can even make it a family activity by setting aside a piggy bank of sorts or a jar labeled “Vacation Fund” where everyone—even the kids— can drop spare change into. That way, every single member of the whole family can feel involved in making the next family vacation happen.

3. Select a Location

Pick a place and work with that; after all, staycations don’t just mean booking yourselves into just any random hotel. Plan ahead and pick a place you’ve always wanted to go to or choose a place that has the most fun establishments nearby for your family to enjoy at the very least. You can even select locations according to the activities you’re planning to do. Want to go swimming? Book a staycation at a hotel with a pool or one that’s near the ocean. Want to enjoy the nightlife? Book your staycation near a bustling urban center. It’s also ideal to get your family’s input, so everyone can come to a consensus on which activities to include.

4. Write up a To-Do List

Make a list of all the things you’ve always wanted to do in the vicinity of your staycation. You can go out as a family or individually, and then converge later on for a meal. Perhaps there’s a famous restaurant nearby you can all visit or a popular ice cream shop you’ve been daydreaming about ever since you came across it on social media. Maybe members of your family might also feel like going off to see a musical, while others might want to go to a buffet. Again, planning ahead, as well as planning together, is crucial.

5. Don’t be Afraid to Splurge

While the point of many staycations is that it’s undertaken with a specific budget in mind, that doesn’t mean you have to go pinching pennies at every turn. In all likelihood, you’ve already saved up on a lot by choosing this kind of getaway, so why not splurge a little on some extra luxuries? Go to a fancy restaurant, get a luxurious massage at the spa, or order some room service. You definitely want to spend less if you’re on a budget, but you don’t have to cut back on some fun memories to be made.

Planning your next staycation doesn’t have to be complicated—after all, you’ve totally skipped out on the oft-stressful planning involved with flying to a vacation spot. A little creativity and resourcefulness—as well as a little input from the family—is enough for coming up with the best staycation ever.

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