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How to Prepare for Rug and Carpet Cleaning

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When you find a company that can do rug cleaning and carpet cleaning in your home, you have to prepare a little bit before they arrive. This will help you to get the best results at the end of the process so that your rugs and carpets look as good as new again. The following steps can help you get ready on the day that the cleaners arrive.

1. Clean up the room.

The first step is simply to clean up the clutter in the room. You do not want to pay the cleaning company to move your dog’s toys off of the rug, for instance. You want them to just be able to come in and get right to work. Taking ten minutes to clean up on your own can save a lot of time later.

2. Remove any furniture.

You also want to remove any furniture from the rooms that are going to be cleaned. If they are cleaning a rug in your living room, for example, move your coffee table over to the dining room. If they are working in a guest bedroom, you may even want to break down the bed and remove it as well. They cannot properly clean any of the areas if there is furniture in the way.

3. Provide ventilation and outlets.

Next, you have to make sure that the ventilation and the outlets are set up appropriately. Of course, it depends what type of cleaning is being done. If it is using chemical cleaners, ventilation is very important, but some “green” products, which are not harmful to the environment, may not have to be used in the same setting. You do want to make sure that there are open outlets, though, even if that means that you have to provide power strips to give additional outlets without having to unplug lamps.

4. Determine where the worst stains are located.

It is not a bad idea to look for areas where the worst stains have set in so that you can point them out when the cleaners arrive. These could be from things like your pets or a spilled glass of red wine. By telling the cleaners what to focus on from the beginning, they can ensure that nothing is missed. They can also concentrate more time and effort on the places that are particularly bad, removing even the toughest of stains.

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