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How to Protect Your Garage Floor

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Garage floors take a lot of abuse. From chemical spills to grease and tire marks, your garage floor goes through a lot. If you want to keep your garage floor safe and looking its best, then you need to choose the right coating or covering for the floor. Here are some of your options.

garage floor epoxy coating

Epoxy Coating

One of the most popular coatings to protect your garage floor is an epoxy coating. Epoxy coating repels spills and stains while hiding minor imperfections. When looking into Chicago garage flooring options, most people look to epoxy to suit their needs. Contractors apply it easily by first grinding the floor with a diamond-blade rotating device. Then, they prime the floor, paint it and add a protective top coat.

When it comes to epoxy, you can customize it. Choose colored vinyl flakes to make the floor appear more random. Likewise, the more color in your floor, the more likely you are to hide the dirt and grime that’s bound to show up in the garage.

Interlocking Tiles

If you want to make your garage look like a showroom, then you can use interlocking rubber or plastic tiles. These come in a variety of patterns and colors. Choose the right colors based on your personal preference. These are quick and easy to install without being dull or boring. Everyone likes customization, even in the garage. Now, you do need to take into consideration that interlocking tiles may not stand up as well against high traffic.

Acid Stain

This is not necessarily a coating, but it will make your garage floor look brand new. Professionals spray this finish onto the concrete slab to make it look like marbled stone. The stain is not a surface protector, however. This means that you may need a xylene-based or urethane sealer.

Urethane Sealer

Professionals apply urethane sealer with a brush or roller. This high-gloss protective coating will keep your garage safe from sunlight, stains, and spills. Now, you could also choose acrylic or latex coatings. However, you need to keep in mind that these are more vulnerable to chemicals and tend to be matte finishes. If you want something that stands up against chemical spills, then urethane might be your best option.

When it comes to your garage floor, you deserve to have a floor that you can be proud of. Your garage floor goes through a lot and it’s important to keep it protected. After all, floors last longer when there’s a protective coating.

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