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How to Survive a House Move with Children

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With moving house regularly listed as one of the most stressful activities anyone can endure (something that anyone who’s done it will testify to!), it’s little wonder that more and more thought is put into how to reduce the stresses of it.  Well, that goes double for moving house with little ones in tow! Moving to your dream house is an exciting adventure for both adults and children, as the guys at www.fortmyersrealestate.com know only too well.  However, planning and organisation is the key for keeping the event as stress free as possible. That’s why we’ve put together this list of tips on how you can get through moving house with children:

Get them excited for the move.  It will become a lot easier for your kids to deal with the move if they’re on your side than if they’re fighting it tooth and nail!  In the weeks leading up to moving day, take every opportunity to talk to them about it, and try to build up the excitement for them.  Essentially, the more prepared they are for the move and the more positive they feel about it, the easier the whole thing will be for everyone.  It also means they might be a bit more willing to actually get involved, and you’d be amazed how much an extra pair of hands will help!  Speaking of which…

Get someone you know to help out.  This doesn’t necessarily mean getting someone to help you lug the piano up and down a spiral staircase (though if you can get someone to do this, do!).  If you’ve got little ones, it will aid you a great deal if you can get a friend or relative to look after them, meaning you can focus on the move itself and not worry about leaving them in the old house!

Keep track of their essentials.  It’s always important to remember just how attached little ones can be to their most important possessions.  If you finish unpacking only to discover that your favourite DVD has gotten lost in the move, you just shrug your shoulders and buy a new one.  If your six year olds favourite toy has been mislaid, however, you’re looking at a non-optional six-hour round trip to go back and get it!  The best way to avoid this is to have a high priority box in which those essential toys and possessions are stored.  You can treat your white units, sofas and beds as more important, but not a lot else!

Unpack their things first.  It will be easier for your kids to treat the new place as their home when all their things are in it, so prioritise unpacking their stuff when your reach the new house and everything’s off the lorry.  Ensure that their toys and things come out first, as this will give them something to do whilst you’re sorting out all the rest.  It’s natural that it’ll take you a week or two to unpack everything, and you can be sure that your kids won’t wait that long for the Playstation to come out of the box!

Give them time to adjust.  No matter how much you prepare them for the move, it’s natural that your kids will be a bit apprehensive about it, as it’s a big adjustment for them.  Be as patient as you can possible be with them in the weeks following moving day.

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