Hubby’s Gonna Visit Us!!

Just awhile ago, I called my husband. I asked him when he will be going home. He replied tomorrow. So he will be home tomorrow evening or the next day. Though we are still having a rocky marriage, I am still excited to see him. After all, he didn’t greet me on my birthday!!

The reason I don’t know the estimated time of arrival is because he will be taking a land trip. Well, the important thing is…he will be coming home for a few days and we will be together!! I am so happy!!

I will stay positive that we will make the best of the few days we have. Just so sad we have many arguments over the past weeks. I am really looking forward!!

4 thoughts on “Hubby’s Gonna Visit Us!!

  1. Thats good for you mommy paguapa gy pag-ayo ug pahumot hahhahaha…joke lang i know you are happy…Best of everything…TC

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