I Am About to Launch Project Plantation Shutters

One of my wishes for our newly renovated home did not materialize and I’m kind of sad about it. See when we were planning on the renovation of the house, I wanted to change the windows and instead have plantation shutters installed. Unfortunately, that was already considered as an “upgrade” and we only had enough to cover for all the necessary stuff related to the renovation.

But I’m not losing hope. I am still aiming to have those shutters installed. If I have to work doubly hard for it, then so be it! I just know that those shutters will make a difference to our tiny house. Besides, I think shutters are easier to maintain than glass windows. The risk of broken glass windows can be avoided to with wooden shutters.

I guess I just need to convince my husband more about the benefits of having shutters in the house and maybe he’ll help me find ways to get the funds we need for the project.

1 thought on “I Am About to Launch Project Plantation Shutters

  1. That’s OK! With prices getting cheaper and cheaper as time goes by, and with the availability of faux wood plantation shutters, you will surely be able to have one in the near future.

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