I Am Being Followed

I didn’t have any idea that have installed a new feature not until I saw somebody following me. Seeing it grow little by little made my heart grow warm and appreciative. Then I decided to do something to show how I appreciate them. So this is a little thing that I can do, give out some linkie love to these people who followed me without being asked. of
Z’riz of
Vivapinay of
FaeryRowan of
Jona of

Thank you very much ladies for following my blog! I am happy that you did. I have followed all your blogs too if you don’t mind. ^_^

By the way, to my friends, loyal visitors and new acquaintances, I really don’t mind if you follow me too! Just add my blog’s URL ( at your blogger’s dashboard and you will never miss a thing! Thanks in advance!

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8 thoughts on “I Am Being Followed

  1. Well people who follow you are the people who loves you, but there are some people who did not follow you but they also loves you and I am one of them.
    I came here to drop my EC and give you a comment since its been a long time I did not give you a comment.

  2. hello melissa, thanks for the comment. wow! it’s really nice to hear that. it really makes my day!

    @ dharlz, you can install that by adding a gadget to your blog.

    @ genny, i didn’t place the follow me button but you can add me. sa dashboard, sa baba you can add it there. thanks in advance. ^_^

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