I am Just Appreciative

My children and I went to the mall. We were expecting that my husband’s salary would come in advance just like the usual but unfortunately it didn’t. Still my children and I ate at a donut shop which was their choice. So, I got all their orders but we have water as our beverage. Not because it was an option but I have no choice since they were not offering soft drinks, their hot chocolate was out of stock and their iced tea was so priced.

Then I sat down with them and ate. Then later my son was holding the donut shop’s promotional water bottles and asked me – “Mommy, why are we drinking water? Don’t they have iced tea?” So, I told him that we have to settle for water since there is no other healthier choice and besides, papa’s salary haven’t arrived yet so mommy couldn’t buy iced tea for everyone. Then my son just replied…”OK” and drank the whole bottle.

I was really appreciative of my son’s reaction. At the age of five, he understands the value of things that we could not afford. I am glad that he doesn’t throw tantrums when he doesn’t get his way.

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  • Tere | Blessings in Life

    It’s good that an early age, children know the value of money. My son used to get a little upset when we cannot buy him toys at McDo but lately he would be the one to say “wala toys mama” and he would just keep quite when I tell him we will just buy next time.

  • Sherry

    hi mommy ruby, I need help 🙁 as my blog lurveverything is not working well. I login and then I posted new post but cannot see at all. I also change the widget of pinayjade contest to my blog. But I dont see any changes at blog at all. Please hel me.

  • gengen

    Kami wa na eat out kay tipid sa money crisis ang panahon. I like your son’s reaction mommy good job like mommy gyd hehhe. Ako diay post bahin sa wp nga blog then naghimo ko post sa ako isa ka blog about the new blog then of course naa imo link. Thank you kaayo…

  • Arlene

    My daughter is growing up that way too — she understands the value of money and work at an early age so she never asks if ever she has wants. if i have extra and i ask her out she always asks “naa diay ka kuarta?” 😀 Haii ask pa jud..dili nalang dayon molisto ug ilis. hehehe

  • lemuel

    hi, its good your child understood your situation. i hope when my son grows up, he too will understand that we cannot afford everything. he is already two years old and he is beginning to learn how to talk in full sentences. thanks!

  • Charly

    You should feel really proud of your little boy. It’s usually quite hard for little kids to appreciate the economic value of things and realize that sometimes we, as parents, cannot satisfy every single wish they have.

  • pinaywifespeaks

    hi sis! how are you doin? 🙂 just checkin out what’s the latest on your site..

    your little boy is really nice,, you raised him well sis.

    take care and good luck with the little one..

    Pinaywifespeaks on living in Phnom Penh and experiencing Cambodia culture..

  • Sheng

    that’s touching! good that your son understand that there will be times that their “wants” won’t always be met. good job, mummy ruby!

  • nisha

    That’s a very understanding and wise boy you have there pinay mommy.. its essential that we teach our kids the importance of money in our lives.. am sure your a proud mommy!! 🙂

  • Snow

    It’s truly amazing how kids become fast learner these day.

    Your little boy is a good boy. Matured ng mag-isip! ^_^

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