I Gave Birth!

No! No! No! I didn’t gave birth to any baby. Hehehe… But, I did gave birth to my other blog’s own domain name: WWW.MOMEMO.COM !! It’s an old blog actually but I just thought of getting her it’s very own domain name. You may ask, why momemo? It’s a short story actually, please visit her now to know why…. HEHEHE….

Anyway, I have to sleep now. I may end-up buying domain names for all my blogs. LOL!! I think I am domain addictive lately. Bye now!!

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6 thoughts on “I Gave Birth!

  1. congrats on your new baby!

    i like you’r new look too! seems like i missed a lot!

    hope things are good at your end!

    god bless!

  2. Hi Mommy [again?]…

    Haha…oo nga kailangan mo ng matulog at mukhang you’re on ‘domain buying binge’….before you know baka you own half of the domains in the blogesphere…

    Enjoy your week….and stop buying domains for now….give others a chance….hahahahaha….

    You take care!

    Mommy J

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