I Hate Content Robbers!!

I noticed that somebody from TAMIL has visited my recent post on Asian Cuties at my other blog. Since it was just posted recently, I really wondered who would search for that particular topic. And guess what!! I was really devastated with what I have found. I saw a website that has the same opportunity post as mine. Well, it’s OK to have the same topic but almost the same words?? That is absolutely irritating!!

The sad fact is that he can claim he is the original because of our countries time stamps are different. It’s already September 16 here and at his place is still September 15 by the time it was posted. Anyway, if you want to compute the time differences, you could clearly see that I was the one who posted first but now he has changed the time stamp. Making it looked like I was the one who copied his post.

Gesh! People are so low nowadays! Just to pass an opportunity for a quick $5, they copy other people’s work. Can’t they create an original post of 50 words by themselves? I really hate people who plagiarize. Karma! Karma!

Before, I thought these were the advertisers checking out the campaigns they have created but now I discovered a hideous fact about some bloggers (not all). They use blog search to look for blogs who have done an opportunity for get paid to post companies and copy your content and edit it a little before passing it for approval. How lame!


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  • Babette

    You know what sis, I’ve been seeing a visitor from that place on my blogs for a long time. Too bad I couldn’t find their blog. How did you find it?

  • Jena Isle

    Don’t worry Ruby, they’ll have their Karma eventually. Bad garbage will always go back to its original source. Just be thankful that you have the talent to write. I miss your rare comments in my blogs.he he he…

    All the best.

  • Mommy Ruby

    thank you guys for the visits and comments.

    @ kuya jeff, they are really irritating talaga. grabe naman talaga, 50 words lang hinde kaya gumawa sa sarili nila.

    @ babette, i just click on my feedjit and traced it backwards where it came from. since it came from blog searches from google india, i checked on the blogs found there. that is where i have saw his blog.

    @ mommy jena, i really prayed that justice will be serve in this situation. one thing that worries me is that what if my blog will be booted out because of the almost exact similarity of our post?

    @ mayet, hahahaha! ok lang ang puso. sarap lang talaga awayin ang mga tao na yan.

    @ ellaine dear, that is so true but he couldn’t escape the time stamp sa FEEDS because it really shows the real time it was posted and i can prove it na ako una. ^_^

    @ mommy genny, calma lang ako beauty mommy. baka magka wrinkles ako. hehehehe

  • Shawie

    oh really? Perhaps that’s the reason I got some traffic from Search Engines by keywords through paid posts/Ads, ngeks! hmmm, that’s too bad, really!

  • Purpled Sky

    some people are just dirt. *sigh*

    don’t think too much about it, karma na lang ang bahala sa kanila. they can shove their $5 down their throats for all you care. ang wrinkles, mommy!

  • Mrs. G

    I know how you feel.

    There’s this blogger who copies other posts verbatim. The person just copies from different sites.

    The blog gets quite a number of hits a day. It’s so unfair.


  • Mommy Ruby

    hello girls! thanks for the comments. ^_^

    @ Chandira, i will try to heed on your advice to get a Creative Commons License. i am not sure what license should i get though but i will try to learn the ropes.

    @ Shawie, yes they search for the keyword used and they scrape the contents from your post. konting edit lang. tapos na sila.

    @ Purpled Sky, hinde na ako nag thinl actually kaso bumisita dito sa PMO. huhuhu…. ano na naman kaya scrape non.

    @ Mrs. G, we might be talking about the same blogger. nakaka-inis sya. 🙁

  • Mrs. G

    I’m sorry but I just have to make sumbong. It happened again. One of my posts was reposted in a forum. While the content per se was not copyrighted, my post was lifted in its entirety with two additional lines. The person copied everything including the format!!! Maybe she didn’t know that I was a member of the same forum. Maybe she did it in good faith. It’s okay with me if they want to copy my content. All I want is for them to credit the work as mine. These people don’t realize that it’s hurtful for bloggers to see their work copied without proper attribution. GRRRR….

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