Ideal Businesses to Try if You are Planning to Reside in Siargao


The unspoiled beauty of Siargao has captivated the hearts of local and foreign tourists. This remote tropical island, skirted by towering coconut trees, mangrove forests, and beautiful beaches, has become the go-to destination for tourists, backpackers, beach lovers, and surfers.

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If Siargao is just a vacation destination for some, others have decided to make this island paradise their new home. If you are planning to or have already moved to Siargao, here are some business ideas you can try to make a living in this island you now call your new home:


If you’ve secured one of the foreclosed beachfront properties in the Philippines in Siargao, you can build a homestay and lease your units to vacationing travelers. Your homestay does not have to be grand, and you can use locally-made decor and furniture pieces to make it look comfy and welcoming. If you want to cater to vacationers on a budget, you can also offer fan rooms aside from air-conditioned ones.

Surfing Shop

If you are an avid surfer, you can use your talent to earn money in Siargao. You can offer surfing tutorials to tourists as a start, then gradually open your surfing shop on the island. You can sell surfing gears, parts, and paraphernalia and rent surfboards, masks, and snorkels. It would be best to line your surfing shop in an area in Siargao near the beach or along the road so that tourists can easily see you. You can also partner with different tour providers in Siargao to reach a wider market.

Food and Beverage

Another tried and tested thriving business in Siargao is the food and beverage business. You can open a unique restaurant and cafe on the island and use local ingredients when planning your menu. If you can buy a lot for sale in Siargao, you can use a portion of your land to build your business. To make your restaurant or cafe more appealing to guests, you may install WiFi in your restaurant so that remote workers can spend more time in your establishment.

Motorcycle Rental

As a slow-paced island, the best way to go around Siargao is by motorcycle. If you have enough capital, you may venture into a motorcycle rental business and offer private tours to your tourist renters. You can also lease your motorcycles on an hourly basis, so travelers and locals can have a short-term mode of getting around the area. You may also set up a motorcycle repair shop and sell motorcycle parts for additional income.

Souvenir Shop

If you have a knack for arts and crafts, why not open a souvenir shop in Siargao? You can create custom prints for shirts, sell tie-dye clothes and bags, and paint your own fridge magnets. Since these are handmade items, potential buyers can appreciate the love and effort you’ve poured into making these souvenirs. Your future souvenir shop can be along the beachside or in establishments like resorts, surf shops, and cafes.

Remote Work

Who needs to work in an office when you can continue your work on the island? Since there are parts in Siargao with strong and steady internet connections, you can still do remote work here. Whether you’re a virtual assistant, writer, graphic designer, photographer, or blogger, so long as your work relies on the internet, you can continue your work or business online.

Siargao is a gorgeous island paradise, and it’s not surprising to figure out why some tourists eventually go back here for good. That said, may these abovementioned business and work ideas help you settle into the island life or give you an idea of possible sources of income as you permanently move into Siargao.

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