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Ideal Host for an E-Commerce Site

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A friend of mine called me up the other day and she was asking for some advice because she’s planning on putting up an e-commerce site. She was asking me if she should opt for shared hosting or she should just pay for a dedicated server.

The solution to her problem is basically simple. If it was a blog or a simple website she was planning on putting up, I would’ve suggested shared hosting. Anyway, even if it was shared, she can still manage her website through her CPanel. But since it’s an e-commerce website she’s going to set up, dedicated hosting is most ideal. With a dedicated server, she’ll have solo use of the server and she wouldn’t have to share bandwidth with others.

Bandwidth is very important especially if she’s expecting a heavy flow of traffic to her website. But of course, opting for a dedicated host would mean that she, alone, will be responsible for the stability of her website.

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