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Ideas on How to Spend Family Time


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Finding family time in this day and age is really hard to do. The fast paced life of my two school age children and a husband with a 12-hour job (not including my power blogging plus a baby) makes it difficult to find time and money to have constant time to bond and talk. Sometimes even eating together during dinner time proves to be futile with our time constraints. So, I decided that we will have a family time or a family date at least once a week.

Since we always don’t have money, somehow I developed a way for us to pursue such family time without spending too much money or at least zero money out. Here are some things that we usually do to spend family time:

1. Park Playing – Going to the park proves to be one of the healthiest family time we have, at least for the kids. The children spend time running around the park’s playground while my husband and I talk about anything under the sun. We just buy food from the nearest fast food restaurant or bring our own (make sandwiches and all).

2. Fireworks Display – This depends on some places but here in Bacolod, we often have fireworks display. We just go to the area, buy some food and watch the fireworks lit up the sky!

3. Lazy Afternoon – If everyone has no class or work and we have no budget to spend time out, we usually have a lazy afternoon. We spend the afternoon watching movies while munching homemade sandwiches and sipping our favorite cola or hot beverages.

4. Cinema Time – If the money is right, we go and watch movies on the big screen while we leave our baby behind with my mom. Watching movies on the big screen is one of the family’s favorites.

5. Grocery Bonding – I do grocery most of the time but when it calls for it, we do it all together. We spend time roaming around the grocery store talking about what to buy or not to buy. Everyone has a say on what we should place on the grocery cart. This is also the best time to tell your children about family budget and money.

6. Dine Out Escapades – This is usually coupled with Cinema Time and Grocery Bonding. We eat at our favorite restaurant before we watch a movie or after we do our groceries.

7. Arcade Mania – Spending time in arcades such as Quantum and Worlds of Fun is the best time leveling up with your kids. They love to see it when their moms and dads are just their friends at this time. But in our situation, the dad is the one who turns out to be the child of us all.

8. Swimming Dates – If we have enough funds, we spend time going to pools. This can be done in beaches but we prefer pools. Swimming can be healthy for the kids and parents too.

9. Vacations Galore – This is rarely done by us since it entails great spending but when we do this we do it during special occasion comes such as birthdays.

10. Casual Talk – Yes, just by plain talking you can spend quality time with your family. This is the best time where you can ask each other questions while laying on your bed and talking about what’s the latest in everyone’s lives.

There are many ways of spending your family time together but the best way to enjoy it is to find something in common so that everyone will enjoy it and have a great time. For us, the common thing is food, cola, movies and arcades!


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Mommy J March 5, 2010 - 1:38 am

Hi Mommy!

Visiting here today. Was I just hallucinating or did you change the template of this blog a few days ago? Or is it another blog’s template? I could have sworn it’s this blog…but I can be yes, hallucinating….hehehe.


Mommy J

admin March 5, 2010 - 2:09 am

@Mommy J, Yes I change it for a few seconds I guess. You weren’t hallucinating. 😀 LOL!!

Willa March 5, 2010 - 3:35 am

Ako,I always took the chance to spend time w/ my kids without spending too much money. their excitement when I bought them toys are just the same when i took them to the playground and let them run like crazy. 🙂

CarmenAraneta March 5, 2010 - 10:38 am

Yup! We did all that when my daughter was small. She’s 22 now.


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