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If You Have A Million To Spare, What Would You Buy?

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If you have a million to spare what would you buy?

Have you ever asked yourself this question before? Have you ever wonder what you will get if you happen to wake up one day with a fat wad of cash in your wallet and a hefty amount in your bank account? I wonder how many clothes and shoes I can buy for 1 Million? I am sure I would have been able to fill a few closets and create a new wardrobe but I will not be able to spend all the million on them. Building myself a music room also comes to find, filled with all the essentials, instruments, gadgets and gears, and maybe a traktor z2 or two, as well. If I will be lavish, I would probably end up spending all of the million, especially if I buy top of the line items that come with exorbitant price tags! Oh well, I might just get those if I can afford them, anyway!

Okay, enough of my wishful thinking, how about you? Where would you spend you million?

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