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I’m 60% Decided


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After all what happened with my hubby and I in the last few days, I have decided to visit him in Bacolod if resources allow. I wanted to talk to him personally so that we could give ourselves a chance to understand each other. Text messages and emails somehow make our communication unclear. We often end up in a fight throwing flaming words.

Well, I told him that I have no money right now and that we have an outstanding payday advance from his company. So, money might be the big hindrance for me going there. My mom and my father seemed OK with the idea but they said if ever we decided to work things again, I need to stay there for a few weeks to look for a comfortable place for us to stay especially if the kids are around.

Anyway, this is not yet sure. But there is a 60% probability that I would go but now we still have a 40% problem that we need to settle first. We don’t want this 40% be the new source of something we should argue about when I arrive there.


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carlamaldita October 3, 2008 - 7:24 pm

hirap ng long distance relationsip talaga..i hope you work things out.

Cielo October 4, 2008 - 12:02 am

I really do admire you for being so, so, so patient sis….

I just hope that whatever it is worth, i wish your hubby will realize that he is missing a wonderful family together.

i just pray that when the time comes na he will put his acts together, it will not be too late…kasi there will come a time for sure that your tresh hold will be at its fullest.

twinks October 4, 2008 - 3:05 am

Goodluck Mummy Ruby.
You’re one admirable woman for being so patient to your husband. I hope that he will one day wake up realizing how precious you are and the kids. Hope all will be well. Gld bless you! :]


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