Incredulous Fantasy

Sometimes I think about holding a big fat cigar, like an alec bradley cigar, in my hand and puffing like one of the dons in Cuba. Haha Sometimes I amaze myself whenever I imagine these things.

It is just that I am so tired, frustrated, and depressed sometimes that I would just like to kick off my shoes (more like slippers), put my feet up on my desk, and then puff my troubles with the wind. The men who do that seem very cool and composed. That is why maybe I should do that.

But you know what? In reality, I cannot stand the smell of smoke. And we have asthma. So this is an incredulous fantasy because it is bad for my health and my kids. Oh well, this is just a fantasy anyway. I just wish that it is that easy to let go of the things that are bugging me so that my life would be smooth sailing.

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