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Influence of a Fashion Blog

I used to think that a fashion blog is as useful to me as a lava lamp. I mean it’s nice to look at, but then it is inept. Those were my thoughts then. I think I have to retract what I have pondered after checking out several fashion blogs.

There are a number of influential fashion blogs that I can mention. From the street and personal style of trendsetters around the world, to behind the curtain looks at the people who create and shape the fashion industry – and of course the bloggers who stay on top of who’s wearing what, and where to buy it. If you’d ask me what the best fashion blog is, all I can say is best is subjective, but it’s certainly the best measure of global style influence to date.

12 thoughts on “Influence of a Fashion Blog

  1. I am not a fashion buff nor trend setter but i like fashion, i think its part of every culture din yang fashion hehee, yung fashion ko walang laman, i only showcase other peoples fashion

  2. i used to be a fashion enthusiast, watched fashion shows and wanted to become a model myself, pero the enthusiasm just died down. anyway, i don’t know if i can maintain a fashion blog since i’m not that good with words when it comes to fashion.. hehehe…

  3. I am not a fashion buff but it is always nice to see and read a fashion blog at least I get an idea on what’s new and hot but i don’t really follow it. 🙂

  4. We all love fashion.. for me, my kind of fashion has changed drastically.. although I still feature hot trends but surely doesnt fit my body size. lol

  5. If theres one person that I consider na walang kafashion-fashion..I think thats me..
    of course it also matter kong makaka-afford ba ako…but I love fashion blog.. nakikibasa din ako minsan..just to know whats in and whats not..

  6. siguro if I am in the CITY, magiging magaling na FASHION BLOGGER din ako, pero kasi andito lang ako sa bUKID namin, walang ka pasyon2 mga tao dito LOL

  7. I’m not into fashion. I am more of a shirt and jeans girl but I like looking at fashion blogs because they sometimes inspire me to do something else.

  8. i like fashion but i havent found a fashion blog yet that suit me. Because there are lots of fashion blogs and each one present very different things and skils. i think i should search about it more 🙂

  9. Somehow, fashion blogs are definitely helpful to us people for they update us with those new trends in the fashion world.

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